MKA Wynn Vale offers group self-defence seminars. Our self-defence seminars are taught by multiple black belt holder Simon Leonard. Simon has a strong history in creating and delivering short self-defence courses for general public, as well as leading agencies such as SA Ambulance Service. In these courses, you will be taught easy to learn self-defence skills in a short, interactive and fun session. You will learn how to ensure you are not an easy target for villains and thugs, as well as how to deal with that aggressive person, and should the need arise, how to escape an altercation safely.

Call 0419 843 544 to book for your work group, sports group, or social group. Great for team building so book now for a session of simple to learn, tried and tested self-defence techniques.

“Our Self Defence Seminar was great, it was informative and fun and we will definitely be looking into having another one soon. Simon did a fantastic job delivering and demonstrating the information in such an effective way that we all felt confident when leaving.​”